Join the 4th Batch

Opened until May 6

A program for startups ?

The Cegid Data Lab opened its doors at STATION F on 10 January 2022. We offer our startups access to valuable resources: mentoring by business experts, free accommodation for their team, and a favourable ecosystem to challenge their projects.

Why Cegid at STATION F ?

Cegid has been a leader in French tech since day one and has always put tech innovation first to ensure the success of its 350,000 customers. As part of the Cegid Data Lab, a startup accelerator program at STATION F, Cegid lends its business experts and expertise to the tech stars of tomorrow to help turn their dreams into reality.

The third batch :

Discover the third batch startups, all of them address issues combining data and user experience in various sectors such as HR, Finance, Retail or Legal Tech.


Glaaster adapts the school to the needs of DYS children and turns homework into a game.


We solve the revenue loss issue for physical retailers caused by the problem of waiting lines by revolutionizing the customer experience.


Emersio is a SaaS plateform for small and middle-sized companies that helps them better manage their growth and take better decisions thanks to predictive AI.


Boza is a cockpit that allows SMEs and scaleups to proactively and collaboratively manage and optimize their SaaS portfolio.


In 2023, posting jobs on job boards isn't enough. The Grimp software suite reinvents the recruitment experience for companies, schools and candidates.


Maia-BE is a new generation CX management SaaS platform that uses emotional data analysis to provide insights and action plans for brands to succeed in retail in the post-COVID era.


Meeriad helps companies create great corporate culture.


Prelovv is a data analytics and dynamic pricing solution, dedicated to luxury and fashion second-hand markets.


All-in-one platform for next-gen brands to build, manage, distribute and challenge their products for a better world.


Recovr revolutionizes invoice management with automated tracking, seamless online payments, and legal support, getting you paid faster and hassle-free.


Flash mentoring as a service : we help companies to build peer-to-peer journeys to thrive the new generation skills


ChatGPT for your company's data


Tandemz revolutionizes the way digital companies gather and use customer insights: our self-service platform delivers top-quality insights that turn into tangible product and service improvements.


Leverage data without SQL from a simple question


LETO: Leto.legal is a SaaS solution that automates GDPR compliance for startups and scale-ups.


The 1836 solution secures and enhances the vital data of an SMB, to facilitate its transfer (whether desired or unexpected), and thus consolidate its operational continuity.


We help SaaS vendors to unleash the power of integrations: thanks to Chift API they connect to financial software in one click (accounting, POS, Ecommerce, Invoicing).


Vokse is the data reliability management platform that gives you instant, real-time control over all your company's data.


Mobile solution for centralized management of business travel and expenses, relieving employees of non-productive tasks


HR saas that helps multisites employers foster internal geographical mobility for their field employees.

We answer your questions

Who is this program for?

We select early stage startups developing a data-driven project.

What are the next steps ?

 The 3rd batch has started on Sept. 4.
Next applications will be in April 2024
For a 4th Batch in Sept. 2024.

When are the registrations for the next batch?

It will open in April 2024

What are the benefits of the program ?

By joining the program, you will have access to :

  •  Mentoring tailored to your needs
  • A Masterclass with Cegid experts on various topics
  • Cegid community and peer-to-peer learning
  • Partnerships and data experimentation with Cegid customers
  • UX/UI lab to test your solution
  • Workspace at Station F and access to its ecosystem (events, community, etc.)

Does my startup have to be a French startup?

All startups are welcome, whether from France, Europe, or anywhere else in the world!

I'm a foreign startup, how can I arrange accommodation ?

The program doesn't support housing, you can have a look on FlatMates a co-living space offered by Station F.

How much does cost the program ?

Offices are charged 250€/person per month, others resources are free.

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